Daddy’s Little Sissy Clitty

Daddy’s Little Sissy Clitty

Caroline is a crossdressing sissy who loves bottoming for Dillon. He’s made himself her Daddy and she humbly submits like a good little girl. She tells herself that she’s nothing more than a cross-dressing male. But Dillon isn’t convinced.

He sees how alive she is when playing the role of a woman. Perhaps she’s not just a crossdresser, but an actual trans girl.

Caroline is reluctant to say so herself, but Dillon has a plan that will make her more comfortable accepting her true identity as a woman. And Caroline is more than happy to oblige what Daddy wants.

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Excerpt from “Daddy’s Little Sissy Clitty”


Dillon stands to his feet and begins to slowly approach me. As he gets closer, my legs become jelly and I swallow a lump that has formed in my throat. Dillon’s presence is heavy. Not gloomy. Just intense. And the fact that such a hot guy is so into me still feels far too surreal.

Once he’s directly in front of me, he uses his hand to gently guide my head upward by my chin. He intends for me to look him in the eyes as he says, “You’re the only submissive I want the responsibility of. It’s you whom I give the privilege of my command, and my guidance. It’s you who has become Daddy’s little girl.”

The calm passion in his eyes. The domineering intensity of his presence. I lose the frail composure I once had as my heart melts like ice on a searing summer day. My knees give way as I collapse upon Dillon’s firm chest.

He wraps his arms around me, kisses the top of my head, and gives my tight ass a strong squeeze. My sissy-clitty begins to swell as if to break free from its cage. Daddy has turned me on so much that my body instinctively responds.


Caroline falls to her knees and begins stroking my thick man meat. I can tell this is going to be good. I already love the way the flesh of my cock feels between her hands. Licking and kissing from the base of my shaft to my tip, she opens up and allows her tongue to dance upon my tender crown.

“Oohh… Yea babygirl. Just like that. Nice and easy like that.”, I moan while rolling my head back to look up at the ceiling.

This is my chance to see how good Caroline is at giving a blowjob. If need be, I’ll train her to become even better. Thus far, her technique is satisfying. I can tell that she wants to bring me pleasure, but it looks to me like she’s taking more pleasure in sucking me off than I am in receiving it.

Yea. She’s a fucking sissy, alright. And I’m right about how much she loves surrendering to alpha cock. She’s trying to fit the mass of my shaft into her mouth, but she’s only able to get half of it comfortably down her throat. She compensates for this by stroking what’s left of my cock with her hands. Clever girl. She’s definitely a winner.

As Caroline slowly bobs up and down on my firm shaft, I begin to….

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