First Time with a Tgirl

First Time with a Tgirl

Justin is grateful to find himself in the glorious presence of Celine. She’s a talented tgirl escort who is not only smooth and compelling, but patient. Her job is an incredibly special one. It involves bringing satisfaction to clients whose curiosity often gets the best of them, which is what happens to Justin on their first night.

In his moment of weakness, Celine is just what Justin needs to get over his fear of sleeping with a tgirl for the first time. He’s always wondered what it would be like to receive a woman who has a little something extra to offer, but he’s never had the guts to see it through… Until now.

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Excerpt from “First Time with a Tgirl”

Dear, god. Thank you so much. There’s nothing better than a woman who swallows during a blowjob. Celine is proving to be the absolute best. Whenever your partner follows through by swallowing, it maintains the intensity of orgasmic sensation. Otherwise, it’s interrupted. It’s even worse when they complain about it. Not tonight. Not with Celine. I savor the sensation of moaning aloud with her girl-cock still at the back of my throat.

When I’m all done leaking my jizz, she continues to suck me off, keeping my dick hard as it bathes in her mouth. Once I’m able to pull myself together, I continue sucking upon her cock. I’m sure that I’m not good enough to make her cum, but I’ll give it a good effort. If I must, I’ll give her a good hand-job just so I can return the favor. I want her to cum in my mouth and I want to swallow it.

“I’m not gonna let you down, Celine! I’m gonna make you cum, too.”

“I’m loving your enthusiasm, Justin. Give me what you’ve got.”

Her fingers are still spreading me wide open. I take my mouth off her and proceed to giving her a damn good hand-job, vigorously jacking and stroking on her firm erection. She begins moaning with even stronger intensity. The fingers she has plugging my asshole come to an abrupt halt, but they remain knuckles deep inside me. Her moaning grows louder as her breathing deepens.

“Tell me when you’re gonna cum, baby! I want you to do it in my mouth!”, I boldly demand.

“Ohh! Now! Ahh!”, she screams.

I quickly engulf the tip of her pulsating cock with my lips and tongue, continuing to jack her off until she reaches orgasmic completion. Celine’s tasty semen splashes against the back of my throat, triggering an immediate urge to gulp. Before I know it, more splurting and splashing from her spasming cock spews into my welcoming mouth.

I hungrily stroke to milk her dry. There’s no seed left behind as I swallow every drop Celine’s throbbing cock has to offer me. I’ve never felt so dirty in my life, but this is all so fucking sexy that I don’t want to stop. The night we’re having is so much fun. It pleases me that I’ve built the inner courage to go through with this.

“Oh, yeah. Celine… baby…”

“Yea, Big Daddy?”

“I want to eat your ass, now! Please give me that sexy ass!”, I beg like an unrelenting glutton.

“Mmm… I like that you’re so naughty. You’re gonna eat my ass?”, Celine replies as she begins to talk dirty to me.

“Yea, baby. I’m gonna eat your sexy ass. Mmm… You’re so fucking sexy, baby.”, I answer while firmly squeezing and slapping her on the ass.

Still moaning and catching her breath, Celine gets on all fours and lifts one of her legs to rest upon the seat of the couch. I hungrily crawl up behind her and dive face-first into her puckering ass-cunt. It’s so soft and smooth.

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