Sex Ed: Trained by the Tgirl Tutor

Sex Ed: Trained by the Tgirl Tutor

The sexual depth of a tgirl on male encounter is one of the most fulfilling experiences a man can own. And for Nick to just be an average college guy, his world is turned upside down after meeting his new tutor, Ms. Cox. She surprises him with not only her hidden package, but also with her enthralling seduction, which unexpectedly leaves him craving more of her insatiable passion.

Graduation is on the line and Nick will repeat his senior year if he doesn’t pass his final exams. Given all of Ms. Cox’s flirtation and sexual advances, he must ask himself whether he’s being trained for his exams, or is he being trained to be the tutor’s pet.

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Excerpt from “Sex Ed: Trained by the Tgirl Tutor”

At this point, I ask myself whether I’m being trained to pass my final exams or to be Ms. Cox’s bitch. It confuses me and I feel so dirty, but I can’t help but think that this will all pay off. I’ve come so far with her, and there’s no denying it any longer. I want to fuck her. I want to bend her over and fuck Ms. Cox in her sexy, tight ass. But first, I’ve got to pass my exams.

Once I finally finish my practice essay, Ms. Cox grades it. She sits at the kitchen table wearing nothing but an unbuttoned shirt, a lacy black bra, and black nylon stockings that come up to the mid-point of her thighs. Her bare ass graces the seat of my kitchen chair with its presence. I watch as her hard cock goes from erect to flaccid before my eyes.

I swear to god that in moments like this, gender is no longer a big deal. In moments like this, given how fucking hot she looks to me, all that matters is my primal urge to indulge the passion and lust between us. But that’s something that will have to wait. She gives me a passing grade on my practice exam and congratulates me by tenderly kissing me upon the lips.

“Good job, Nick. I’ll see you on Wednesday,” she softly says before getting dressed.

“Would you like to have dinner? I can prepare some,” I quickly reply. Once again, I don’t want her to leave.

“How sweet of you, but no. This wasn’t a date, Nick. This was nothing more than a very exciting tutoring session, and I expect for you to be prepared for when we meet again. Is that clear?”

“Uh… Yes, of course,” I disappointedly answer like a little schoolboy who’s just lost his favorite balloon.

“I’m proud of you, Nick. You’re progressing quite well in such short time. I’m confident that I’ll have you ready for finals soon enough.”

She soon leaves and I’m once again all alone, desiring more of her company. What’s come over me? I can’t just forget about how her cock was in my mouth earlier. I quickly rush to brush my teeth and rinse my mouth out.

So ambivalent. So many mixed feelings churn around inside me. I feel so wrong, but at the same time, I crave her. Despite the shame and awkwardness I feel for being attracted to a tgirl, Ms. Cox’s sexuality is growing on me. And on top of that, it seems like we’re doing something sexier with each tutoring session. We’ve only got one more to go. It will no doubt be interesting.

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