Taking It Raw: Popped and Topped by the Trans Girl Alpha

Taking It Raw: Popped and Topped by the Trans Girl Alpha

Katie has waited patiently for Josh to fully accept that she’s a versatile trans girl. Up until now, Josh has only been partial in fulfilling her needs. And Katie has gone unsatisfied for far too long.

Losing her isn’t a thought that Josh wants to entertain. He craves his salacious trans girl with a hungering passion. So when Katie demands that he do what it takes to satisfy her completely, he’s forced to make a decision that redefines his own sexuality forever.

Tgirl anal is what she likes. But this trans girl demands for her man to bend over and take it like she does.

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Excerpt from “Taking It Raw: Popped and Topped by the Trans Girl Alpha”


After half the day goes by, I finally reach a sober decision. I grab the phone and call my girl. Her voice is soft; weak. She’s anxious and I know it. So am I. My palms have clammed up and my breath is shallow. But I’m doing this.

“Katie, baby. I was hoping that you could show me what being a bottom is all about.”, I finally work up the nerve to tell her.

“Seriously? You mean it?”, she asks in slight shock.

“Yes. I mean it. There’s no way I’d forgive myself if I let my insecurities stop me from making you my girl. I just want you to know that I’m all in from this point forward.”

She’s overjoyed to hear it. Although I can’t physically see her face right now, I can tell by the sound of her voice that it’s covered with a huge smile. Now that I’ve finally got this off my chest, I can breathe easy.

I honestly don’t know how I’ll feel bottoming for her. Will I like it? What if I don’t? It’s not something I should force upon myself just to be in a relationship. Katie kindly reminds me of that. She wants me to understand that she’s not pressuring me to do this. I don’t care. For me, there’s only one bottom-line.

Either I adapt to being versatile in bed, or I lose her as a girlfriend. Being stuck in the friend-zone is a no-go. Katie is mine and this is me doing what it takes. As far as I’m concerned, there’s no turning back.


The night is still young. I’ve invited Josh over. We’ve enjoyed a light meal. He’s convinced me that he meant what he said earlier and insists on going through with it. “I was hoping that you could show me what being a bottom is all about.”, were his exact words. They were music to my ears.

I’ll only take it easy on him at first. But after his mouth and ass stretch wide enough to accept my cock in full, I’m gonna fuck him silly for making me wait so goddamned long. It’s time to see just how fragile his male ego is.

I lead him into the bedroom and we begin to kiss. We’re immediately reminded of how we’re so thrilled to be with each other. The excitement propels both our cocks into instant erection. It’s always been obvious how horny I become for him, but tonight there’s no holding back.

As usual, we strip each other of our clothing. When Josh is down to nothing but his underwear, I see an opportunity to tease him a little. I slowly remove them; teasing him by gently rubbing my mouth against his throbbing cock on my way down. I’m not gonna lie. I want to suck it so badly, but I won’t. Not tonight. Instead, he’s going to finally suck mine. Teasing him is all part of the excitement.

“You have me so hot right now, Josh. This is such a big night for us.”, I say while looking up at him as if I were in humble surrender.

He moans deeply with anticipation. I softly run my lips up both his thighs, alternating along the way. Josh gets the impression that I’m gonna suck his raging cock. It’s so tempting, firm and begging for attention. Giving good blow jobs is something Josh has always praised me for. And I’m not shy about taking his cock into my mouth and having my way with it.

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