Transgirl: Claiming Her to Make Her Mine

Transgirl: Claiming Her to Make Her Mine

It’s not often that friends become lovers. And when they do, there’s always the concern for what could happen with their friendship. This is exactly the case for Caleb and Alexis. Caleb has always desired his salacious transsexual beauty, but Alexis seems to want him in the friend-zone.

It isn’t until they pretend to be in a relationship that Alexis sees how magical intimacy can be with her throbbing and eager hangout buddy. Caleb is team Alexis for now, so he agrees to play along. But if Alexis isn’t careful, she could end up pushing him away.

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Excerpt from “Transgirl: Claiming Her to Make Her Mine”


“Caleb. Stop. We shouldn’t be doing this. Someone might see us.”, she timidly replies. I consume the smell of her perfume. The beat of her heart pounds through her chest. I want to devour her, but not without her permission.

All I need for her to do is give me the permission I need to take her right here and now. I know she wants me to. But she has to show me.

“Perhaps someone will see us. They’ll get to see how much I desire you. But for now, I won’t be able to show you off until we get out of here. Are you seriously gonna make me wait until then?”

Alexis bites her bottom lip. Her breathing is shallow. She’s caving under the pressure of my passion. I’m relentless. I want her and I am not undecided. Alexis belongs to me. She deserves a man like me who knows how to give her what she wants… What she needs.

I kiss and nibble upon her neck. Her feminine scent is driving me wild. She wraps her arms around my shoulders. Instead of pushing me away, she’s finally embracing me. That’s it. Yes, Alexis. Don’t stop. Give me permission to bask in your feminine hunger for me.

Finally, I raise my lips to meet hers and without saying a word, we look into each other’s eyes. I softly graze my lips against hers. No puckering. Just a soft and tantalizing glide across her tender lips. She closes her eyes as if to wait for me to finish the job.

And there it is… The permission I needed her to give not only me, but the permission she needed to give herself.


As we remove each other’s clothes, I’m once again faced with doubt. The fact that Caleb has been transferred to another division does make dating him possible for me. I just couldn’t risk the two of us ruining the work environment for one or the other. But what about our friendship?

I don’t want to ruin our friendship either. It would be a lie to say that I don’t want to explore more of my connection to Caleb. He accepts my sexuality and everything else about me. With him, I can truly be myself. But since I haven’t explored the idea of being intimate with him until I asked him to have a fake relationship with me, it blew my mind to discover just how much fire there is between us.

Despite the depth of our chemistry, the thought of dating him hasn’t really set in yet. It still feels a little weird to have him stroking and caressing my body with so much conviction. My face. My breasts. My hips. My buttocks. My cock. Caleb is all over me and I can’t bring myself to believe that this is happening.

My mind is making every excuse to get out of letting him in. I want to stop this, but I also want to continue. I want to tell him no, but I also don’t want him to release me. I need his arms around me. I need the strength of his passion urging me on. Otherwise, I’ll be too weak to accept this pleasure… A pleasure I so deserve to finally receive.

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